Prints for sale


Individual photographs from all Galleries are available for sale as limited-edition, archival prints on either inkjet or silver gelatin media. The characteristics of each as well as pricing are indicated below:

Inkjet papers: Durability in excess of 80 years (depending on display conditions), excellent tonal range, cost-effective. Prints up to 10X15 inches are uniformly priced at $375 USD.

Silver gelatin papers: Very good durability, up to 80 years (depending on display conditions), outstanding blacks, whites, and extremely wide tonal range. Prints up to 10X15 inches on resin-coated material uniformly priced at $750 USD.

All prints are produced in limited editions of no more than 25. Each print is numbered and signed. Print size at customer's discretion, subject to technical limitations such as negative grain or digital file size.

Rights to images for commercial use in advertising and web sites are available. Contact me.

To order a print please contact me via email at


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